We needed an IT consultant for Computer Network Setup for our new dental office and after searching for some time we were referred to Nettechy Mr. Hovik by a close friend. We explained our needs and the next day he recommended which computers and switchboards, and type of Ethernet connections would be most suitable for a dental office, which would be in compliance with the current laws and ordinances governing the dental offices. The equipment was acquired and in a matter of a few days Nettechy Hovik set up the computers and the proper cables connection for the seven computers and the three smart TVs. In the week that followed all computers were running with updated Windows, and virus protection and firewalls necessary. Then came the setting up of the server and dental program, with a secured server and the digital x-ray system, all the while in communication with the manufacturers and the programmers. In the interim he helped quickly and affordably setup our webpage and emails. In short we were so pleased and content that Mr. Hovik turned out to be such a highly expert professional, thoughtful and well informed, and all was done at a price we could afford and well within our timeline limit. We recommend Nettechy for all your business and home computer network need.


Dr. T.

Westlake village, CA

Computer Network Setup for a Dental Office
Computer Network Setup Westlake Village CA

Great IT Support Service Los Angeles CA

For many years we’ve been working with Hovik on a daily basis for our business at ProwoodUSA. He is always next to you when needed regardless of the day and time… He is flexible to work at the office as well as from his office to solve the problems right away! I love the fact that he can understand priorities and needs of customer. Hovik has professional attitude and he is always respectful. We went through network set up, internet troubleshooting, Email and network printer installation. He is valuable also for procurement purposes. He will give you all the technical requirements as needed. He is a great IT partner and support.

Great IT Support Service Los Angeles CA